Conditional Uses and Variance

Conditional uses are listed for each Zoning District in the Zoning Ordinance . A conditional use allows a landowner to put a property to a use which the ordinance expressly permits when specified standards have been met.

A variance allows the landowner to do something that is not allowed by the Zoning Code. In other words, it is a deviation from the rules.

Both conditional use permits and variances are tools for landowners to use when they have a project that does not fit the current Zoning Code.

In order to be considered for conditional use permit or a variance, an applicant must fill out an application and submit it to the Zoning Administrator with the non-refundable fee and any other documents required. Once received, the Zoning Administrator will review the application for completeness and set up a Zoning Board of Appeals hearing.

Zoning Board of Appeals Procedure.pdf

Conditional Use Permit/ Variance Application