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The Arcadia Pedestrian-Bicycle Trailway is a 2.29 mile, 10 foot wide, paved, bicycle-pedestrian trail. This facility links Memorial Park and the high school complex and Killian Children's Park to the rest of the city. It serves transportation as well as a recreation function.

Dettloff Park consists of 3-4 acres of neighborhood playground, located south of East Main Street, one block east of Fairfield Avenue. This area has limited facilities including a 3/4-basketball court and a fenced backstop for baseball/softball use. The remainder of the area is undeveloped open space. 

Eugene Killian’s Children’s Park (Formerly Lion’s Park) - Killian’s Children Park consists of approximately 2 acres on the far east side of the City of Arcadia, south of Schultz Court and north of Hillview Drive. It was originally dedicated and remains as open space for this newly developed residential area. There is wood playground apparatus on the site.

Memorial Park – This 51-acre park has some very awesome features including a one-third mile walk from the entrance to the rear of the 2000-seat Millennium Amphitheater. This walk is also referred to as Avenue of Heroes, which is a unique tribute to the veterans of various wars and conflicts. More than 20 monuments are stationed along this walk ranging from the Revolutionary War through the General’s Overlook. You may view the Soldier's Walk here.

The park also features a 500-year "walk" through time beginning when Arcadia was first settled in 1854. Buried in the walk are many facts on the origin and history of Arcadia, etched in gray granite stones. One of the newest attention-getting memorials in the park is the War on Terrorism. It features twisted steel from one of the World Trade Center from the 9-11-2001 tragedy. There are two monuments to family farming. War years are represented with planters that house many beautiful floral arrangements. Kid’s Kingdom is wooden playground equipment built by local citizens. 

The Aquatic Center was completed in 2000. It has capacity for 376 patrons. It features a zero depth entry pool with swimming lanes and a huge 150-foot water slide. Additional recreational facilities include the two-lighted softball fields; one for is intended slow pitch and the other for past pitch, with the necessary backstops, fencing and bleachers as well as a press box and concession stand, a basketball court, and a volleyball court. The 50-acre site of the new Arcadia Highs School lie adjacent to this park, and the athletic field at the school together with the city provided park facilities comprise the Arcadia athletic complex. This is a fine facility for use by all people. Around the park is a 2.3-mile handicap accessible pedestrian-bicycle trailway. Dotted around the park are some military hardware pieces, a tank, two Howitzers and F-16 Jet Fighter. During the summer months the park is used for festivities, picnic and family reunions at the Bavarian style pavilion, a picnic shelter and the world’s largest broiler pits all donated by Lions Club. The park has been intensively landscaped with more than 45 varieties trees and shrubs. Citizens have an opportunity to donate funds for tree maintenance as planting new trees as memorials.

Pahl Park is an approximately 1-2 acre undeveloped open space site on the city's far west side. Because of its size, location and number of facilities, Pahl Park does not yet play a prominent role for recreation in Arcadia.

Rudy Klink Deer Park is an approximately 3-4 acre facility on River Street near the confluence of Turton Creek and the Trempealeau River. It is a neighborhood-type park, but serves the entire community, not only because Arcadia's size lends itself to each park having full community use but also because Deer Park is the only municipal facility designed to be passive, offering a special attraction. In this respect the park serves as a community-wide facility. This park is named for its fenced area enclosing whitetail deer. It also has restrooms, a shelter, picnic, and playground areas. Deer Park has an attractive and restful setting with a variety of deciduous and mature White Pine trees. New playground equipment and a volleyball court have been added in recent years.

Schank Park is located at the Far East end of Cleveland Street. It is the most centrally located recreation area within the City of Arcadia. The approximately 10-acre parcel, managed by the City of Arcadia, was acquired in the early 1970's. In 2006 this park was modified to accommodate a new soccer field and parking lot. In winter months the hill at the south end of the park is used for sledding.

Schultz Park is an approximately 3+ acre property that lies on the city's west side on Willow Street immediately west of the Trempealeau River. It consists of open playground area, a small pond, and a shelter with restrooms. This facility has the potential for developing activities in connection with the Trempealeau River. Along these lines a canoe/boat landing was recently completed adjacent to the park. Not only is there the small pond, but also there is land between Willow Street and the River that could be used for expanding the role of Schultz Park. This park’s access to the Trempealeau River helps make the river a greater part of the average citizen’s life. There is a recently constructed canoe/small boat landing on Willow Street adjacent to the park.

Fairfield Park (Tot Park) is a neighborhood playground less than one acre in size that serves the immediate residential area, located on the 200 block of south Fairfield Avenue. The playground includes basketball courts, jungle gym, swings, slippery slide and seesaw.