Water Utility Awards

2018 – 1st Place Nation’s Best Tasting Water2018 National Water Award

Arcadia Water Utility of Wisconsin was recently named the nation’s best tasting water by the National Rural Water Utility Association, by taking first place in the National Water Contest. The Arcadia Water Utility won the honor to represent the state of Wisconsin in the national competition after taking first place at the Wisconsin Rural Water Association taste test in March of 2017.

The Arcadia Water Utility pumps approximately 450 million gallons annually from the Mt. Simon aquafer to support the residents and businesses in the City of Arcadia. The growth and winning history of the Arcadia Water Utility is a patronage to the Utility Commission and City Council’s progressive planning and encompasses the dedicated work of the crew and staff. 

Arcadia Water Utility is the winningest water utility in the State of Wisconsin for the best tasting water.

Arcadia Water Utility DeptThe Arcadia Water Utility's last award came in March 2017. The Water Utility took 1st place at the "Best Tasting Water" in Wisconsin contest held at the Wisconsin Rural Water Association (WRWA) 29th Annual Conference held March 28-31, 2017 in La Crosse. Approximately 60 samples were tasted before Arcadia was given the blue ribbon.

On August 10, 2015, the Arcadia Water Utility took 2nd place at the 30th Anniversary "Best Tasting Water in Wisconsin" contest. This award makes the Arcadia Water Utility the winningest water utility in Wisconsin. Congratulations to Wisconsin Rapids, who took 1st place this year. Stevens Point received the 3rd place finish. The "Wisconsin's Best Tasting Water" contest was held at the Wisconsin State Fair and is sponsored by the Wisconsin Water Association (WWA). This competition showcases the dedicated work of water professionals to provide safe, high quality drinking water 24 hours a day. Twenty-two water utilities provided samples for the judging, which considered taste, odor, color and clarity of the water.

On August 4th, 2014, the Arcadia Water Utility won the title of the "Best Tasting Water in Wisconsin" for the 3rd time in 4 years. The Arcadia Water Utility is the first utility, in the 29 year history of the contest, to win the title three times.

In July 2014, the Wisconsin Oral Health Program in the Division of Public Health presented the Arcadia Water Utility with the Water Fluoridation Quality Award. Arcadia was one of 68 public water utilities in Wisconsin to be recognized with this award. Earning this award represents a high level of operator care and accomplishment. This award recognizes those water systems that adjust the fluoride concentration in the drinking water and achieve a monthly average fluoride level that is in the optimal range for 12 consecutive months in a year.

In March 2014, Gary Skroch, the current superintendent since 2010 of the Water and Wastewater Utility, received the "2014 District Operation Specialist of the Year Award" at the Wisconsin Rural Water Association (WRWA) Conference in Green Bay. This award is the WRWA's highest award for a state licensed water operator and is presented each year to a nominated individual that demonstrates excellence in the field of waterworks operation.

In June 2012, The American Water Works Association, at the National Annual Convention in Dallas, TX, awarded the Arcadia Water Utility with a 3rd place finish in the United States for the "Best of the Best" National Water Taste Contest. The competition included participants from all over the United States and Puerto Rico. In 2011 and 2012, the Wisconsin Water Association gave Arcadia 1st place finishes in the "Wisconsin's Best Tasting Water" contest. The Arcadia Water Utility is the first water utility in Wisconsin to receive back to back 1st place finishes in the history of the contest.

The Arcadia Water Utility has also received awards for its operations. It received an "Advancement Award" in 1967. In 1995, Jim Lisowski, the superintendent of the Water and Wastewater Utility from 1993-2010, received the "Operator of the Year" award from the Wisconsin Rural Water Association and the Department of Natural Resources.

In 1999, the American Water Works Association presented the Arcadia Water Utility with the Wisconsin Section Small System Excellence Award for excellence in drinking water quality as well as compliance in water regulations, facility operations, maintenance practices, water accountability and utility financial integrity. This recognition commended Arcadia for setting an exemplary standard for all other water utilities to achieve.