Fire Board Representatives

The Fire Board consists of three members from the City of Arcadia, three members from the Town of Arcadia, and two members from the Town of Glencoe. They are the governing body to the fire department.
This board meets every quarter. Contact a board member for date and time of next meeting.

  1. Powers and Duties of the Fire Board. It is the policy of the Fire Board to exercise those powers granted to it by the City of Arcadia, Town of Arcadia and Town of Glencoe and to carry out those duties assigned to it as may best meet the fire and life-safety needs of the Fire District.

  2. The Fire Board has primary responsibility for the approval of Fire District plans and procedures and for the appraisal of the ways in which these decisions are implemented and results obtained.

  3. The Fire Board recognizes its authority to delegate specific responsibilities to the Fire Chief for the implementation of the programs and services of the Fire District.

  4. Fire Board Members' Meeting Participation. The basic manner in which members fulfill their office must be at a regular, special, committee, or workshop meetings, and will be a matter of public record. The method of participation is discussion, deliberation, debate and voting.

  5. Fire Board Members' Responsibility to Constituents. All members, including the President, are expected to participate fully in deliberating and voting.

  6. Fire Board Members, collectively, act as representatives of the citizens of the Fire District in maintaining and promoting fire and life-safety needs of the Fire District.

  7. Fire Board Members Action and Service. Fire Board members' decisions and actions shall best serve the needs of Fire District citizens in light of available resources and information available to the Fire Board at the time such decisions or actions are made.

  8. Oversee and monitor monthly expenditures and approve expense more than the specified amount.

  9. Share all of the above objectives with each new Fire Board member and delineate the roles and responsibilities for each position on Fire Board.

  10. Fire Chief Evaluation. The Fire Board shall establish a process for evaluating the Fire Chief and establish a committee to carry out the evaluation process.

Fire Department Standard Operating Guidelines