Before starting on a project, it is important that you have a conversation with the Superintendents of the Electric Utility and Water & Wastewater Utility. Depending on the scope of the project, you may want to consider if your project may interfere with any ongoing projects or lines or if your property can be properly serviced.


Arcadia Electric Utility

The AEU has some of the best rates in the state, however, it may not be able to service areas that have been serviced by other electric companies. Please contact the AEU to ensure that your project can be serviced.


Arcadia Water & Wastewater Utility

The Water and Wastewater Utility provides award winning drinking water and works hard to treat its wastewater. Because of the diverse topography in the area, sanitary and water lines may constrict building projects. Please contact the Water and Wastewater Utility to ensure that your project can be serviced.